Personalized Pilates For Seniors In Denver

Regain Your Strength And Balance With Pilates

At Taylor Pilates and Fitness we find that our senior clients are relieved to find an exercise method that trains whole body movement, spine articulation, joint mobility, and balance in a welcoming environment. We often find that the length of time someone has been practicing Pilates is a much better indicator of strength and stability than age. Whether you just received your AARP card at 50, are retiring at 65, or just starting to exercise at 80, we can help you get reach your goals. For Joseph Pilates, the spine was a key to physical and emotional health.

“If your spine is stiff at 30, you are old. If it is flexible at 60, you are young." Joseph Pilates

Luckily, you can practice Pilates at any age and we look forward to helping you get started.

Moving Well, Feeling Well And Living Well As You Age

Exercising for function and consistency becomes increasingly important as you age. You want to be sure that you are incorporating resistance training to avoid muscle loss, functional exercises (such as sitting to standing, overhead reaching) and movement that challenges your balance. Adding Pilates as a senior enables you to stay moving in a low-impact, joint-friendly way that includes whole body movement, functional exercises, and balance training. Aging is inevitable but how you feel in your later years and your ability to stay living independently with physical comfort is essential.

“Motion is joint lotion.”

Let us help you find comfort and strength through Pilates for Seniors.

From Pilates sessions to Functional Fitness focused OOV classes, from Pilates for Rehab to Pilates for Men, Taylor Pilates and Fitness has you covered. When you are searching for Pilates for seniors in Denver, our studio is ready to provide you with an excellent experience.

We are conveniently located in Denver’s Platt Park neighborhood just two blocks from the intersection of S. Broadway and Evans and a short walk from the Evans light rail station. Our team of Pilates instructors can guide you through and ensure you get the most from your workouts so that you move well, feel well and live well. Contact us today!