Functional Fitness with the OOV

OOV Individual and Group Classes

The Oov is a unique apparatus in its design and ability to support functional training. The Oov’s design is constructed to mimic the curves of the spine, to challenge stability and enable mobility, and to provide an opportunity to work on balance. We are 3-dimensional beings that are constantly moving in multiple planes and responding to the environment around us. How are you going to train for life and multiple planes of movement if you are seated on a stationary piece of fitness equipment pushing weight in one direction?

The Oov can be used lying down, side-lying, seated, kneeling, and standing enabling you to experience the challenges associated with working on a three-dimensional surface, in multiple planes of motion, with and against gravity. The Oov is also an excellent place to work on slow-loaded movement training (training eccentric loads) which is essential for injury prevention and muscle balance. So often people focus on the shortening/concentric muscle contraction looking to bulk up rather than working on the lengthening/eccentric phase of the contraction which needs your attention too.

Mostly, our clients tell us much fun they have using the Oov, how great it makes them feel, and how much they want and look forward to using it.

Come laugh, shake and try to find your balance on the Oov!

Functional Fitness with the OOV

Click below to see the OOV in use...

We offer individual, duet and group classes on the OOV. No experience is necessary to attend OOV class and all fitness abilities are welcome. Hand weights, bands and balls are used to enhance your OOV experience. Sign up for class HERE or call us to schedule your individual or duet session.