Use Pilates to Move Well, Live Well and Feel Well

Create Your Best Foundation with Pilates

Pilates is the foundation from which we train clients. Pilates incorporates whole body exercises and core strengthening while introducing you to the principles of breathing, alignment, and movement integration.

We want our clients to have a solid foundation for movement training and know how to take the tools they learn in the studio back to their lives.

Our Pilates instructors have graduated from comprehensive teacher training programs, are committed to improving their craft through continuing education, and are well versed in exercise contraindications. We approach Pilates from a contemporary perspective using the method created by Joseph Pilates and incorporating the latest knowledge of bio-mechanics, functional training, and movement principles.

We teach Pilates on an individual and duet basis to provide you with sessions that are tailored to your unique body and goals. Our sessions are taught on the Pilates apparatus/equipment including the reformer, tower, chair, cadillac, ladder barrel and small arc.  

We are conveniently located in Denver’s Platt Park neighborhood just two blocks from the intersection of S. Broadway and Evans and a short walk from the Evans light rail station.

Our instructors provide clients with individualized Pilates sessions, knowledge of how the body moves and the ability to move well, feel well and live well. Whether you are looking for Pilates, Pilates for Rehab,Pilates for Men, Pilates for Seniors, or other Functional Fitness options, Taylor Pilates and Fitness can get you started or further your fitness goals. Contact us today!