Functional Fitness At Taylor Pilates And Fitness

Experience The Benefits Of Functional Fitness

At Taylor Pilates and Fitness we strive to make our fitness offering functional so that you can move well, feel well and live well. The benefit of functional fitness is that the exercises are tailored to help you in your daily activities, train for the activities you enjoy, and maintain your balance. Functional fitness is about training for your life and your goals. We believe that you need to train in multiple planes of motion, such as side bending, rotation, flexion, and extension. We believe your body needs to be ready to respond and move with ease - a balance of stability and mobility - in fitness and life. We also believe you have to enjoy and have fun with exercise so that you are consistent, engaged and challenged in your sessions. We incorporate the use of the OOV, CoreAlign, and MOTR to train our clients with intention and with function in mind.

Our Functional Fitness Equipment

At Taylor Pilates and Fitness, we utilize a variety of equipment to optimize your training experience in addition to body weight exercises and Pilates moves. See below to learn more about the OOV, CoreAlign and MOTR...


The CoreAlign is an essential piece of equipment for gait training. While you may walk on a daily basis the use of the CoreAlign can improve the mechanics of your foot and ankle in walking/gait as well as the alignment from your foot to pelvis.


The MOTR is a great piece of equipment for training rotation, combining upper and lower body movements, and incorporating agility work into your sessions. Learn more about the MOTR.

If you are looking for Functional Fitness in Denver, Taylor Pilates and Fitness is the place for you. We are conveniently located in Denver’s Platt Park neighborhood just two blocks from the intersection of S. Broadway and Evans and a short walk from the Evans light rail station.

Let us introduce you to the benefits of Functional Training and our unique training tools: the OOV, the CoreAlign, and MOTR. From Pilates sessions to functional fitness focused OOV classes, from Pilates for Rehab to Pilates for Men, Taylor Pilates and Fitness has you covered. Contact us today!