Functional Fitness with the MOTR

MOTR - More Than A Roller

The MOTR was created to 1) activate multiple muscle groups simultaneously 2) to deliver flexibility and cardiovascular benefit every workout 3) to encourage proper alignment and healthy movement patterns. We find  the MOTR enables us to move clients in a dynamic way while incorporating multiple planes of movement and upper and lower body connection/integration.

Good riddance to the days of sitting on fitness machines and working on one body part in one plane of movement. You want to move your whole body every day - it's never leg day or back day with the MOTR. The independent pulley system requires equal work for both sides of the body (no dominant strategy here), facilitates training the muscular slings (cross body patterns), and enables training in rotation for sports like golf and tennis.

The MOTR can also be used in standing to practice step-ups, beam walking, and jumps.

If you are looking to functional fitness in Denver, Taylor Pilates and Fitness is the place for you. We are conveniently located in Denver’s Platt Park neighborhood just two blocks from the intersection of S. Broadway and Evans and a short walk from the Evans light rail station.

Let us introduce you to the benefits of functional training and our unique training tools: the OOV, the CoreAlign, and MOTR. From Pilates sessions to functional fitness focused OOV classes, from Pilates for Rehab to Pilates for Men, Taylor Pilates and Fitness has you covered. Contact us today!