Getting You Back On Track With Pilates For Rehab

Returning To Exercise After Injury?

It is reasonable to think that at some point in the course of your life that an injury may occur. The injury could arise as a result of an accident or through a task or movement done over and over without optimal body mechanics. Regardless of the injury, you probably want and need to return to school, work, exercise, and life. Pilates is an excellent way to return to exercise by building a great foundation. Pilates emphasizes alignment, core control, and whole body movement. You want to develop a solid foundation with Pilates so that you can move well, feel well and live well. At Taylor Pilates and Fitness we create individualized Pilates programs to assist you in reaching your goals post injury.

What Is Pilates For Rehab?

Pilates for Rehab utilizes Pilates exercises to assist you in reaching your movement goals and feeling greater comfort in your body. Pilates is low-impact, incorporates whole body movement, and emphasizes core control, spine articulation, and alignment. Pilates for Rehab is centered on movements that are functional for your activities, work situation and lifestyle. At Taylor Pilates and Fitness we create individualized Pilates programs to guide you in your rehabilitation process, train for function and return to life. Our focus is on you and your unique needs rather than taking you through a sequence of planned exercises or providing a one-size-fits-all approach. Pilates is not a substitute for medical care or physical therapy, but can be incorporated once you have sought out and completed the appropriate medical treatment.

How Can I Stay Injury Free?

There is no guarantee in life that you will be injury free, but you can use Pilates as a way to build a great foundation for exercise and life. Pilates and Pilates for Rehab are low impact, incorporate whole body movement, emphasize core control, spine articulation, and alignment. Using Pilates to find a balance between strength, mobility and flexibility positions you to move optimally and reduce your risk of injury. You want to have core control with spine articulation to have a comfortable low back. You want to have stable and mobile joints to avoid strains, sprains, and tears. Your body has to have a solid foundation so that you can play with your kids, work at a desk, climb a mountain, compete, and feel good in the process.

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Our instructors provide clients with individualized Pilates sessions, knowledge of how the body moves and the ability to move well, feel well and live well. Whether you are looking for Pilates, Pilates for Rehab,Pilates for Men, Pilates for Seniors, or other Functional Fitness options, Taylor Pilates and Fitness can get you started or further your fitness goals. Contact us today!