Functional Fitness with the CoreAlign

Find Your Stride with the CoreAlign

The CoreAlign is an essential piece of equipment for training lower body alignment (foot to pelvis), increasing core stability, and improving posture. While humans stand and walk and run, we have the ability to improve our gait by training whole-body and specifically working on the relationship from our feet to our pelvis. feet and lower body alignment. Modern life has found us in shoes much of the time, walking on predictable surfaces like hardwood floors and carpet, with little or no awareness of our feet and their impact on our knees, hips, and spine.

Similarly, the CoreAlign’s design encourages core control and stability as you find yourself balancing on moving carts. You work whole body movement on the CoreAlign, with side bending and rotation as well as strengthening your back/postural muscles of the body. In modern life we find ourselves seated for long periods of time (at work, driving) and the CoreAlign enables us to train the muscles that support our posture and spine health so that we move well, feel well and live well.

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Our instructors provide clients with individualized Pilates sessions, knowledge of how the body moves and the ability to move well, feel well and live well.

Whether you are looking for Pilates, Pilates for Rehab, Pilates for Men, Pilates for Seniors, or other Functional Fitness options, Taylor Pilates and Fitness can get you started or further your fitness goals.