Cross Train With Pilates For Men In Denver

Improve Core Strength And Flexibility With Pilates

Pilates has, for a long time, been incorrectly associated with several things. Some people think of it as a stretching method, as requiring only a little effort, as something you only do on a mat in a large class. Others mistakenly think of Pilates and Yoga as being interchangeable practices. There are even more who unfortunately think of Pilates as a strictly female practice, and much like the past stigma around yoga or even ballet, men may feel uneasy approaching Pilates and incorporating it in their fitness regimen.

As our client Mike Davis said, “I am 32 years old and after 4 years of getting over myself and my perception of who does Pilates, I still look forward to my weekly Pilates session. The session helps me stay in shape for soccer, skiing and everything else Colorado has to offer.”

At Taylor Pilates and Fitness we teach Pilates to men on a daily basis. We encourage men to incorporate Pilates into their workouts so that they can experience the benefits of training whole body movement, developing core control with spine articulation and gaining flexibility. Pilates is for men!

Pilates As A Cross Training Tool

Whether you run, ski, cycle, lift weights, play soccer or baseball chances are you are moving in the same repetitive motion over and over again. You are training your body to perform a single task which is necessary but limits performance and power. Let’s say you are a runner and always moving ahead (versus side to side like a skier) you would be ignoring your side body which largely supports your pelvis while running. To run efficiently you need to have a strong lateral line, easeful rotation in your torso, hip mobility and clean mechanics at your foot. If you only run as a training tool then you are missing the opportunity to prepare you body to better perform your sport.

Pilates for Men can be used as a cross training tool to build a solid foundation, correct muscle imbalances and prepare you to participate in the activities you enjoy most. Perhaps, sports and outdoor activities are “not your thing”. You can use Pilates for Men as a cross training tool for life. If you are sitting at a desk all day then having a strong core and well organized head, neck and shoulders will make a difference in your comfort.

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Our instructors provide clients with individualized Pilates sessions, knowledge of how the body moves and the ability to move well, feel well and live well.

Whether you are looking for Pilates, Pilates for Rehab, Pilates for Men, Pilates for Seniors, or other Functional Fitness options, Taylor Pilates and Fitness can get you started or further your fitness goals.