Why Professional Athletes Love Pilates for Men and Why You Should Too


One of the most common misconceptions I come across is that Pilates is an exercise just for women. While the explosion in the exercise’s popularity might be largely due to women discovering it, Pilates was actually started by a man—Joseph Pilates—and is an incredible way for men to cross-train. If you’re wondering if Pilates is right for you or for a man in your life like it is for many professional athletes, here’s some information you need to know.


Pilates develops muscle groups that are often missed with other forms of exercise

If your exercise regimen consists of lifting at the gym or running or biking, there are many muscle groups you’re neglecting. Pilates trains the entire body. When men incorporate Pilates into exercise, they will consciously move and strengthen muscles they aren’t addressing with other forms of exercise. This intentional whole-body approach helps increase range of motion as well as prevent muscle strains and injury.


Improve flexibility

Everyone—including men—should incorporate dynamic stretches into exercise. Flexibility improves your range of motion and allows you to move with greater ease and comfort. When your body is flexible, it can operate more efficiently.


Centering: mind/body connection

In a Pilates session, you must focus on your breath and concentrate on your form. This intentional attention and mindfulness to your body’s movements will have a ripple effect even when you leave the Pilates studio and positively impact your life outside of exercise.



Many professional athletes are fans of Pilates including Jake Arrieta of the Chicago Cubs, Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid, Antonio Brown of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat. These professional athletes turn to Pilates to give them an edge over their competition in their sport. The benefits of Pilates including improved core strength, flexibility, and working "micro" muscles help enhance these athletes’ performance. Pilates is just as important to “train” for life so that you have the endurance for daily activities and feel good at home, work, or in sport.


Core strength and control

Since Pilates exercises focus on whole-body movement and core strength, you are supporting your low back health, balance and overall conditioning. Strong core muscles are important for athletes as they improve endurance and decrease injury due to fatigue. Yet, strong core muscles are equally important for spine health and comfort for men (and women). 


If you want to experience a deeper level of fitness, it’s time to give Pilates for men a try. The experienced instructors at Taylor Pilates and Fitness will discuss your fitness goals with you to determine the best route to take to get you to move well, feel well, and live well. Please call or text us today at 303-472-6743 to schedule your introductory session.