The OOV Difference


Created by Australian osteopath and neuro-scientist, Daniel Vladeta, the OOV has been shifting the fitness and rehab landscape in the U.S. in recent years. The brilliance of the OOV and its unique ability to improve movement comes from its design.

  • The OOV is three dimensional in shape challenging stability in all planes of motion.
  • The OOV is shaped to support the curves of your spine allowing for axial elongation.
  • The OOV has cut outs to fit your scapula/shoulder blades promoting joint congruency and mobility.
  • The OOV has a larger end that supports your sacrum while allowing your illia/hips to move freely
  • The OOV places you in a slight inversion which provides gentle decompression for your discs.
  • The OOV places you in a slight inversion which promotes diaphragmatic breathing.
  • The OOV's material compresses by 50% then presses back creating feedback for the user and challenging core control.
  • The OOV is designed to be used in supine, side lying, prone, seated, kneeling and standing.
  • The OOV is designed to promote laughter and fun – just try balancing on an OOV and you will be smiling.

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