Studio Closure & Virtual Session Information

Late yesterday the Colorado Department of Health and Environment updated its emergency measures closing additional businesses including the studio through April 30th. The updated closures are another effort to decrease the spread of the Coronavirus and to flatten the curve as we find ourselves living in a new reality and sheltering in place. While I can not meet with you in person for the next 6 weeks, please know that I am available for virtual sessions. I hope that you continue to stay moving as a means to manage the stress and anxiety of the situation and to maintain your strength and mobility.
Details on Virtual Sessions:
If you would like to continue your sessions via FaceTime or Zoom that is a virtual option. You would need a tablet or webcam and either an OOV, MOTR or Pilates equipment at home. You would set your tablet up before your session with a side view preferably with the angle looking down. I conduct the sessions as I would in person. I take you through a few quick assessments making note of areas that we should focus on and keeping your movement goals in mind (eventually we will all be back to tennis, golf, and sports). The sessions last 55 minutes for $50. You would receive a confirmation from MindBody 48 hours ahead and your card on file would be charged the morning of the session. Please let me know if you are interested in setting up FaceTime or Zoom sessions. 
If you would like to order an OOV for home use, click the link below and please ask me for your size before ordering.
I always suggest having a partially deflated ball for under your head
You would also need a couple of sets of hand weights (I can suggest weight) which can be ordered via Amazon Prime to avoid shipping costs.
Another option, for a small apparatus at home, is the MOTR.
If you choose to purchase a MOTR for home use, it is most comfortable with a yoga mat folded in half for supine exercises and a set of polypro and neoprene D-ring handles. 
I look forward to seeing you in May and returning the studio to its normal schedule of sessions and classes. Please take good care of yourself in the meantime - frequently wash your hands, wipe down surfaces, eat well and stay moving. 
I am thinking of all of you and will miss seeing you in person.