Pilates for Rehab: Get Back to Living and Moving Well


The surge in popularity for Pilates as an exercise program is well-known. But what you might not know is another important benefit of the practice: Pilates is an effective rehabilitation tool after injury or surgery. It’s gentle, modifiable and helps create positive movement experiences that will keep you moving well and feeling well. 

Muscular Imbalances Can Cause Injuries

If you are in pain, sitting for long periods, constantly moving in the same ways (tasks or sports), or recovering from an injury, you can develop imbalances in your musculature. Repetitive movements that are performed without optimal body mechanics and constant compensations can result in muscle sprains and strains as well as breakdown over-time. Not only can a regular practice of Pilates prevent injuries, Pilates is great for rehab. Pilates involves moving your body in flexion (forward bending), extension (backward bending), rotation and side-bending so that your spine and body are conditioned and resilient when it comes to moving in multiple planes. Pilates builds muscle endurance, trains stability with mobility, and improves flexibility.

Pilates For Rehab

After an injury or surgery, most people want to return to normal activities as soon as possible. Pilates for rehab is ideal as the method focuses on whole-body movement, alignment, and breathing in order to build a great foundation for one's recovery and return to life and sports. Pilates exercises can be adjusted (progressed or regressed) to an individual’s comfort level to create a successful experience with movement. Pilates equipment is used in the studio to provide challenge or assistance with exercises while Pilates mat exercises are utilized at home to help you reach your fitness goals. The more you move without experiencing pain, the more likely you will be to continue exercising and feeling good.

Ultimately, you will take the information that you learn about your body, biomechanics, stability, and mobility and apply them to your activities, workplace, and sports. Pilates is about empowering you to move well through information, so you have tools you need to be successful outside of the studio and post-rehabilitation.

The Taylor Pilates And Fitness Approach

At Taylor Pilates and Fitness, our Pilates instructors are experienced in using Pilates for rehab, and we customize each session to our clients' goals. To learn more about Pilates for rehab and how Pilates can help you build a strong movement foundation, please call or text us at 303-472-6743 to schedule your introductory session.