It's Time to get Hydrated


Proper hydration is essential not only for your overall health but it will help your muscles perform better during a Pilates or OOV session. Learn the benefits of hydration, how much water you should have each day, and some of our best tips to stay hydrated.

Most of us know the recommendation that we should drink eight glasses of water a day, but might wonder if that’s truly necessary and what all that water does for us. The short answer is “yes” we should drink that much because water is truly instrumental for a healthy body and mind. For those who want more details read on because we give you all you need to know about proper hydration as well as some of our favorite tips to stay hydrated.

Benefits of proper hydration

Water is responsible for more than half of your body weight and makes up 50 to 60 percent of the adult human body. Every major body system, organ and tissue from the heart to lungs to muscles need water to function properly. Since lean muscle tissue contains more than 75 percent water, if you aren’t drinking enough your muscles will become fatigued.

When you are sufficiently hydrated you can prevent constipation and have healthier bladder function. Studies show dehydration makes you sleepy and can even impair driving similarly to those driving under the influence of alcohol. Fluids are essential to carry nutrients to your cells.

How much hydration do you need?

Unfortunately, most of the U.S. population is considered chronically dehydrated. The amount of hydration each individual needs depends on many factors including their age, activity level, overall health, climate and more. Your body uses up water every day for normal functions such as when you breathe, sweat and go to the bathroom. Hydration is lost even more rapidly when it’s really hot, you are sick with a fever, are vomiting, have diarrhea or you are really active. You must replace the water you lose or you will quickly become dehydrated.

Most healthy individuals need 30 to 50 ounces a day (6 to 8 8-ounce glasses). If you feel thirsty, it’s a sign you’re already dehydrated. Pangs of hunger can also mean you actually need water as well. So, before reaching for something to eat, try to drink a glass of water first. Although caffeinated drinks also contain water and can contribute to your daily hydration needs, be cautious. Caffeine is a diuretic as well, so it will cause you to lose water.

Signs that you are dehydrated include very dark urine (it should be clear or very light yellow if you are getting enough water), dry/sticky mouth or bad breath, muscle cramps, dry eyes, headaches, fatigue and more.

Tips to stay hydrated

Although drinking water is always the best choice to stay properly hydrated, here are some other tips that will help:

  • The food you eat can bring in about 20 percent of your daily fluid intake. Watermelon, strawberries, oranges, melon, tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce all have high water levels and can help you stay hydrated.
  • Always have a water bottle with you throughout the day so you will have something to sip on while running errands, waiting for appointments and need to quench your thirst.
  • Drink water before, during and after a workout. A good trick to know if you’re drinking enough water when you workout is to weigh yourself before and after. If you lose weight, you’re not drinking enough to replenish what you lost through sweat.
  • Flavor your water with fruits and veggies (lemons, limes, melons, strawberries or mint are all good) to make it more palatable to those who don’t love the taste of water on its own.
  • If you think you’re hungry, drink a glass of water first.
  • Always request a glass of water when you are at restaurants.
  • If you struggle to drink enough water throughout the day, set a timer so you are reminded to drink water every hour or create a schedule for when you will drink water (a glass when you wake up, when you check your email, etc.)
  • Some find it super helpful to fill up a vessel with the recommended daily amount of water and drink it until it’s gone.

Proper hydration and regular exercise are important for a healthy lifestyle. We would love to help you achieve your fitness and health goals. Call or text us at 303-472-6743 to talk about your health goals and how Taylor Pilates and Fitness can help you achieve them.