Get to Know the Platt Park Neighborhood in Denver


We invite you to visit us at the Platt Park neighborhood in Denver! Here are a few highlights we wanted to share about what makes our neighborhood so special. 

At Taylor Pilates and Fitness, we are grateful and proud to be part of the Platt Park neighborhood in Denver. With a history dating back to the turn of the 20th century, today Platt Park has many restaurants, outdoor activities available at Harvard Gulch Park and an incredible Farmer’s Market. We’d like to introduce you to just a few of the reasons you should stop and visit us in Platt Park. 

Get to Know Platt Park in Denver

Originally a separate city from Denver at the turn of the 20th century, Platt Park was connected to the Mile High City by a trolley line that ran from South Pearl Street. Next time you’re visiting the area, try to spot the trolley tracks that peek out from the asphalt streets. 

Several multi-use buildings sprouted up along the South Pearl corridor between 1900-1915 and were filled with mom-and-pop businesses such as five-and-dime shops, bakeries, pharmacies, barber and beauty shops, restaurants and more to serve the needs of the people who called Platt Park home.

Today, many of those storefronts now house shops and world-renowned restaurants we invite you to check out. 

Take a Trip Around the World in Platt Park

The dining options in Platt Park allow you to take a trip around the world without ever leaving the area. Whether you want to grab a picnic to go or enjoy the patio for dining, check out a few of these restaurants.

Sushi Den, one of the top sushi and Japanese restaurants in America, has operated in the Platt Park neighborhood since 1984. With fresh fish flown in daily from Tokyo, you won’t be disappointed with the high-caliber cuisine and experience you get at this independently owned dining establishment. 

If you’re in the mood for a taste of Italy, check out Kaos Pizzeria where they import San Marzano tomatoes grown in the volcanic plains of Mount Vesuvius and Caputo flour from a fourth-generation family farm east of Naples. Even their wood-burning pizza oven was imported from Italy. They make everything handmade (including the 50 pounds of fresh dough mixed two times a day). The pizza toppings from veggies to herbs to grass-fed lamb and beef are supplied by local farmers they know. Don’t miss the patio: It’s regularly rated one of the best in Denver. 

Inspired by the simple yet delicious tacos of Baja Mexico, Uno Mas Taqueria y Cantina offers specialty drinks, “elevated” street tacos, traditional tortas and Mexican desserts. A great place to grab and go for a taco picnic in the park.

At Quiero Arepas, Venezuelan arepas are the stars! What are arepas? The national street food of Venezuela—a 100% gluten-free, corn-based flatbread grilled and bursting with fresh and bold flavors. This is another great option if you’re looking for picnic food. 

If you want to experience the poke craze, you can’t do much better than Turtle Boat Poke. Poke (which means “to slice or cut” in Hawaiian) is a main dish of Native Hawaiian cuisine and usually an appetizer or main course and can feature fish (or other protein), veggie and fruit mix-ins and dressings on a base of mixed greens or rice.  

There are several other high-quality restaurants in the area. Let us know what you would add to our list!

Nature (and All Natural) in Platt Park

After all those great eats, you might want to check out Harvard Gulch Park, an oasis in the neighborhood perfect for a walk or run. It features everything you want in a park with community gardens, soccer and softball fields, trails and even golf! At Taylor Pilates and Fitness, we like to enjoy a picnic in the park under one of the shade trees. 

If you like to support local farmers and stroll through markets, check out the Farmers Market on South Pearl Street on Sundays (through November). Every week the market features many farmers and food-related vendors, but there’s also much more to discover. 

Exploring more of the Denver area is a great way to feel well and live well. If you’re heading to the Platt Park neighborhood, give us a call or text at 303-472-6743 to schedule a tour of our facility and learn more about Pilates and functional fitness.