3 Cookbook Recommendations


Who needs new ideas for dinner (and breakfast and lunch, too)? We’re always on the lookout for new recipes to spice up our at-home healthy eating plan and wanted to share three cookbooks with you that will be great to support your healthy lifestyle. These cookbooks offer many options for quick, paleo-friendly, and vegetarian meals. 

Everyday Fresh: Meals in Minutes by Donna Hay

Who says eating healthy has to be a hassle? Certainly not Donna Hay, best-selling cookbook author, and a leading Australian food editor. In fact, in her cookbook Everyday Fresh: Meals in Minutes she features recipes that are super-fast and healthy that are also bursting with flavor. If you love to learn more about quick-fix, one-pan dinners, or have healthy freezer-ready dishes on hand, this cookbook will be your guide to creating nourishing and yummy food at home. The beauty of these recipes is that they don’t take long and even when your schedule is jam-packed they offer a simple way to keep healthy (and tasty) dishes at the ready. Donna’s “simple but special” philosophy is the inspiration at the heart of all her recipes. 

Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo

Diane Sanfilippo’s Practical Paleo is a fantastic resource for those committed to a paleo lifestyle and anyone who wants to eat real, whole foods to improve health. This is the second edition of Practical Paleo (the first edition sold more than half a million copies) and features two entirely new chapters, new recipes and meal plans, and new tools such as tips and suggestions for getting started with a paleo lifestyle as well as for navigating the holidays and other social gatherings. This cookbook makes it easier to hit your personal health goals, answers questions about how to modify your eating, and customize your diet. 

Love Real Food by Kathryne Taylor

Our final recommendation comes from Kathryne Taylor, the master behind one of America’s most popular vegetarian blogs, Cookie and KateMeatless and delicious recipes designed for everyone (even meat-eaters) is the focus for the 100 vegetarian favorites featured in Kathryne’s Love Real Food cookbook. As the name suggests, the way to a healthy body is through real food. Her recipes show you how simple healthy eating can be and the cookbook includes a photo of every recipe! Those who have special diet considerations (gluten-free, egg-free, and dairy-free) will appreciate the substitution suggestions included where possible. Kathryne even includes “Change It Up” tips so recipes can be adjusted throughout the year to take advantage of in-season ingredients. 

Why not pick out a new recipe from one of these three cookbooks to try out every week? Fueling your body with whole foods is essential in helping you feel well and live well. To get support moving well, please give us a call or text at 303-472-6743 to learn more about Pilates and functional fitness.