3 Delicious, Healthy, Summertime Recipes


When you leave a summertime Pilates session or an OOV class at Taylor Pilates and Fitness, continue your healthy habits with great food choices outside the Pilates studio. Try a meal that is healthy and easy to make that won’t leave you and your kitchen a hot mess. We’re making it easy for you by sharing a vegan, a paleo and a gluten-free recipe, so all you need to do is click and start cooking!

Vegan Meal Option

Today, there is a plant-based alternative for almost every type of food you might crave, so committing to a vegan diet completely or just increasing your intake of plant-based food is easier than ever. Our vegan recipe selection is a Thai-inspired cold peanut noodle salad from Savory Tooth that has the perfect mix of healthy veggies, nutty crunch and spicy dressing to tantalize your taste buds. The only thing you need to cook are the noodles. Get all the details in the full recipe.

Paleo Meal Option

When you’re trying to follow a paleo diet, you’re eating like our ancient ancestors did in the caveman days—meat and veggies. And, this paleo recipe from Serious Eats—pork tenderloin with fresh cherry and chile salsa—is the perfect excuse to fire up the grill. The tenderloin is quick to cook and very versatile. Topped with perfectly marinated cherries, the salsa has the ideal mix of sweet and spicy. What a fun way to use cherries!

Gluten-Free Meal Option

While the perfect complement to the blackened fish tacos with avocado sauce recipe from Evolving Table is definitely a sunset-kissed beach in paradise, it’s just as tasty alfresco at home. Any white-fleshed fish such as cod, tilapia, snapper or mahi-mahi will do, and it’s really easy to make your own corn tortillas to ensure there is no gluten contamination (certainly possible in the processing and packaging process with store-bought tortillas). The avocado sauce cools down the kick of the seasonings on the blackened fish. What a lovely combination!

Another lovely combination? Healthy eating and Pilates sessions, Functional Fitness and OOV classes. Please call or text Taylor Pilates and Fitness at 303-472-6743 to schedule your next session.